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Handmade with Love

Handmade with Love



I am a professional dressmaker who started making dresses since the school years together with my mom and grandmother. My English name is Mary but my Chinese name is Jin Mei and I'm 31 years old. My mother also is a good dressmaker. She is 59 years old and she is dressmaker with 39 year experience on being a dressmaker. She has studied her tailors experience from her mother!  We are 3 generation dressmakers! This is our family work for many many years:)   

Grandmothers one Wedding dress quickly became two. Then two swelled into a collection and a collection into a passionate business. She was dreaming for a while about having her own little sewing shop and in 1959 she finally opened it. Thanks to her, since that year our 3 generation dressmakers are working in our Sewing Shop. My grandmother, Zhang Miao, Has 2 daughters.  For my grandmother and her 2 daughters, sewing is the biggest passion in their lives, right after family, and it brings so much joy to them to create wedding dresses. My grandmother convinced my mother and me to do it too – and now it´s my biggest passion in my life as well.

I´m born and raised in China. I am married to my middle school sweetheart and best friend and we live with our lovely 6 and 10 years old daughters in a house that we own on the city side. I love my family. Everything in my life revolves around them. I've always been a creative person and sewing became my passion about 16 years ago.

I'm working in our family Sewing Shop together with my cousin and my husband Zhi Qiang (Jim). My cousins English name is Gina and her Chinese name is Guang Hua, she is 33 years old and she has a 13 year old beautiful teenage daughter. We are 2 cousins and my mother and my cousins mother are sisters. Both of us studied tailoring from our mothers and grandmothers skills and  experience. 

Our grandmother has retired for many years now and she lives in Hong Kong. Very often my and Gina’s family comes to visit her on Mainland of Hong Kong. She is  79 years old but her eyes are still good and she studies new beading techniques all the time. She has been an excellent dressmaker and bead maker in all her live. 

I received compliments all night on my dress! It was the perfect style for our winter wedding, it looked like it was covered in sparkling icicles. It was very affordable and arrive quickly. I didn’t need any alterations! She made it perfectly for me based off the measurements I sent her. I highly recommend working with LaceMarry!
From the moment i got engaged, I took on my most important task, finding the perfect dress. I had a vision! I knew what I wanted to wear, what I wanted to look like and how I wanted to feel, but after trying so many dresses in different bridal stores I did not find that. 

I decided I needed to create my own, and I started searching for someone who can give me all that.  After researching and stalking many seamstresses I found Mary and I finally said, yes, she's the one!

How did she translate all my messy messages, last minute changes and uncertainties? I have no clue! But she got me exactly what I wanted! I had the drama for the ceremony with the long overskirt, I had the freedom and ability to move and to dance all night during reception.

I felt and looked like I envisioned.  She made all this happen without me even trying anything on, it was a final piece i had to commit to and that was it!

Mary, the power you have over our days is immense! You are a blessing and I wish you the best, may you continue to make dreams come true.  Thank you so much! My wedding couldn't have been as perfect without MY perfect dress! the Lily dress :D. 

Kisses from Texas,
I have to be honest, I was a little nervous about ordering a dress online. I did my own measurements and then waited for it to arrive. Oh my goodness! Seriously LOVE IT & it fits so well. Y’all just go ahead and order from her!

We surround ourselves with things of Beauty

These visits are very lovely because each time I and Gina get new ideas for wedding dress beading and embroidering. She has been also known to offer design advice and sometimes we incorporate her suggestions. She even sends us her drawings and samples by post when she get new idea with words: Girls you must try some of my new flower beading or embroidery techniques! That so nice of her – she loves to be helpful with her ideas and we appreciate it so much for her help!

I am a very artistic person. It’s only natural since I've always aspired to be a designer and dressmaker, as with any designer, the seduction of a sewing was much too intense to resist. 

I love carefully created vintage Lace designs or Flower appliqué Vintage Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses with a focus on classic bohemian fashion, flattering colors, and beautiful natural fabrics and help my cousin dressmaking them. 

We love the contact we have with our customers. We love when customers come up with ideas to personalize a piece of wedding dress to suit someones wishes. We simply love everything about it! And I hope some of the love we have for Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses making stays in every piece we design,  sew and transfer to anyone who wears it! We wish that you would feel the love that we placed while making dresses.

My and Gina's skills combine together perfectly. We are working on Chinese customer custom made Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses - especially in Lace or Flower appliqué Vintage style. 

I am the sole designer and creator of every piece of Lace or Flower appliqué Vintage Wedding and Bridesmaid dresses. Each piece is wonderful and handmade with quality materials in my design and actual piece that you will receive when you make a purchase. 

My designs have been evolving over these years and they continue to evolve as I am continuously honing my skills and designs. I am always seeking new opportunities to develop my skills and learn new techniques in order to keep growing and evolving as an artist.

Our daughters are still at school but in the after school time and evenings they are with us. Girls, like we learned from our mothers, studies tailors experience from us and helps us a lot on small sewing, ironing and beading things. Girls love to help us and we Love them – looks like 4th generation dressmakers will be in our family!

My husband occasionally helps us out where he can in practical ways like on production duty, production management and Sewing Shop management, he helps me deal with customer orders and Customer correspondent, he is good on computer things and Photoshop (all pictures of dresses is made by him), he works with the photographer and he helps me to run my shop.

We surround ourselves with things of Beauty.
Whether it be people, dresses, or our homes we want it to reflect the beauty we see in the world! Please enjoy shopping here for one of a kind handmade items in various styles, fabrics and colors to fit you on your Special Day!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any Dress needs.
Thank you for visiting my website!

With Love, 
Mary Jin Mei and The Team