Custom Orders

My Dear Brides!

Technically, every Dress made in Custom Measurements is a Custom Order. But with Your LaceMarry experience, measurements are not only thing that you can customize. Because my tailoring skills will give you much further chance to customize the parts of Your Dress and make it more personal and even Unique Just for You! Or even we can base from a Sketch or a Picture you will provide me.

My Dear Bride, with guidance of My 17 Years of Professional Tailoring Experience, I would like to give you some useful tips on this page and good to know information to consider for Your Customized or Recreation Dream Dress Order:

  • I can combine different ideas on one style, so far they are practically doable. But you should also know that to pick up many beautiful details from different styles and combine them on one style is not a good idea always and it's also risky for online orders. I will give you my more comments and reviews about your particular dress/ideas during the process.
  • I would feel more confident If I will customize my own styles according to your needs. They are my own dresses and I know their patterns and each details. So you can be sure on them. 

    But you can also send me your own pictures of your dream dress. If I will feel confident to recreate your dress according to your pictures then I will give you my detailed comments and reviews.
    If I accepted your custom style recreation order, It means your custom style recreation dress would be 70-90% similar to the original pictures and I will inform you about this prior to receive your order. The difference mostly comes from the material and fabric types.
  • I use good quality fabric and material on my dresses. But I don't use real silk or valuable stones (such as swarovski stones). Otherwise my prices would come much higher.
  • Your customization requests on my own dresses would cost additional. I will inform you all the additional cost (if any) prior to receive your order.
  • After I accepted and received your customized/recreation order, I will check all the details again during the process. If I had a question about any of your details or If I see some of your details don't work practically in real life then I will inform you with my suggestion.
  • Customized orders or recreations take much longer time and effort than regular. Because I will need to read and study each detail, research for similar material or fabric and make custom patterns (If needed). Your order details will determine the cost.

    If you will go with my own styles as they are or you will customize my own styles or you will ask me to make your custom style/recreation dream dress, I ensure that you will LOVE your dress quality that will come with affordable price.

Please feel free to contact me at for any of your questions.


With Love,
Mary Jin Mei