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Handmade with Love


I accept Rush Orders. 
But please First let me know Your Exact Wedding/Event Date and after I can check my Production Calendar and tell you if I'm able to take your order to finish on time and How much Rush Service Fee is required. 

The time I need to prepare a Standard Order for shipping varies.  Usually it takes around 4-8** weeks.
But during the Busy Wedding Season, I am getting more busy than regular and naturally, My Regular Production time may get 1-2 Weeks longer (6-10** weeks) than regular season.
Usually, busy Wedding Season is between Middle of November and End of June.
If Your Wedding Date is between this dates, then you better keep this in mind. ;)

Just don't be in worries My Dear, busy season or not, I will still fit Your Order in My Production Calendar and make a Beautiful Dress Just for You - In Your Custom Measurements and Requests. 

**My Production Time starts when the payment is cleared and I have received all the details of your order as I needed (Your Custom Measurements, Color and Custom Requests if there are any). 

❤ Feel Safe - You are under Professional Care!
If I see some of your Details are missed or some of your Measurements are Suspicious, then I will ask you to Double Check them.
During this process, Your responsibility is to correct or Double check your details as I asked and as soon as.
Depending on how fast you will reply me back for my questions or confirm, I MAY RE-SCHEDULE your Order's Production Time according to My Production Calendar.

Please Note:
There is National Holidays in February for New Year celebration in my country.
Shipping couriers will be also on holidays in this period.
If Your Wedding is in February period, I can still Finish Your Dress on time. 
But FIRST, please contact me with Your Exact Wedding Date and lets talk about Your Dress Details.

I am a Professional Dressmaker with 19 Years of Experience.
If you couldn't find Your Dream Dress in My Store, then you can send me Pictures or Drawings of Your Dream Dress and I can bring it to Life for You!
We can create Amazing and Unique Dresses with You - Unique and Just for You!
Or I can customize My Own Dresses for you, according to your needs and requirements.

A Custom project according to a Picture or Drawing may take 10-14 weeks to create.
But during the Busy Wedding Season, I am getting more busy than regular and naturally, My Regular Production time may get 1-2 Weeks longer (12-14 weeks) than regular season.

You need Your Dress in a shorter time? - No worries, I can still make it! Just contact me with Your Dress pictures and Date and I will let you know how Much Rush Service Fee would require to Finish Your Custom Project in that short time.

Please Note:
My Production Time starts when the payment is cleared and I have received all the details of your order as I needed (Your Custom Measurements, Color and Custom Requests if there are any). 

Even If Your Wedding/Event is in a Far Date, you still better to not leave to place your order till the last moment.
If possible, I would prefer If you place your order about 16 weeks before Your Wedding/Event, but not less than 12 weeks.
So I can book a place for you in a sooner date in my busy production calendar and your order would have priority during the Hot Wedding Season.

Yes you can. I accept Rush Orders. But please contact me first for availability and Rush Service Fee.

Yes of course.
Usually, the lace materials of my wedding dresses are available in ivory color (my ivory is like warm white).
But I can use another color underlay from my large color selection.
Please click here for my color books.

Note: The underlay fabric may vary depending on the style. it's important to select a color from the correct fabric book.

Please contact me for your questions about how to select your color.

Yes I can customize my dresses according to your needs and make them unique only for you.
Please contact me first about your custom requests and their additional costs, if any.

Yes you can send me your own pictures too. After I check them I will tell you my comments. 
Please see my Custom Orders page here for more information.

All of my wedding dresses what you see in my store are made by me and my Family Team. 
All the Dresses you see on our Website are our real samples already.
So, what you see is what you will get.
Sometimes, some of my laces are not available in long time and in that case I use the same kind and most similar alternatives.
It's not often but sometimes can happen.
However, I ensure, you will LOVE your dress quality. :)

When you will receive your dress, if something makes you unhappy, just let me know in 3 Days after you receive your package and let's talk and understand what is the issue. I will assist you about your questions regarding your issue.
For more detailed information please check my Return Policy here or Contact Me.

I would prefer If multiple pieces orders placed in one order together with all the details at the same time.
We can avoid any misunderstanding or mistake on the details in this way.

Also, If I buy the materials and the fabrics of your dresses at the same time then all the dresses will have the same.
But sometimes, the same material or fabric may have slight color tone difference if bought in different times. Because they might be from different Fabric Lots.This is fabric or material factory result, not about me.. :)

The other advantage of placing multiple pieces order together at the same time is cheaper shipping cost.
Because combined shipping cost comes cheaper than separate shipping for each dress.

If you are available, you can place your order as soon as..
Nothing bad if you receive your dress earlier.
It's very sweet thing to keep your dress ready for your big day... :)

When you see a SALE on my Website, you can go ahead and place your order for your Favorite Style and LOCK the price.
So you enjoy the discount and also secure your Space in my Production Calendar.
It's a very common practice between My Brides.

But your details and Custom measurements can be cleared up later - if you are in diet or else, don't worry about that. ;)

If you are a part of a bridal party and if there are other girls who will join to the same party and  planning to order their dresses with me, then I recommend you to inform them about your color number choices (if they would also want the same color as your dress).
So they can mention the same color numbers and details in their order and we would avoid any misunderstanding or mistake on the details in this way.
Or If it's possible, you or other girl from the group can place all the dresses in the same order with the details.

My Dear Bride, I can't accept a return or refund if the reason is you didn't like the style.
Please understand.
If you are not sure about which style fits your body type more, then please Contact Me and I will assist you to make your correct decision.


Technically, every Dress made in Custom Measurements is a Custom Order. But with Your LaceMarry experience, measurements are not only thing that you can customize. Because my tailoring skills will give you much further chance to customize the parts of Your Dress and make it more personal and even Unique Just for You! Or even we can base from a Sketch or a Picture you will provide me.

- I can combine different ideas on one style, so far they are practically doable. But you should also know that to pick up many beautiful details from different styles and combine them on one style is not a good idea always and it's also risky for online orders. I will give you my more comments and reviews about your particular dress/ideas during the process.

- I would feel more confident If I will customize my own styles according to your needs. They are my own dresses and I know their patterns and each details. So you can be sure on them.  But you can also send me your own pictures of your dream dress. If I will feel confident to recreate your dress according to your pictures then I will give you my detailed comments and reviews. If I accepted your custom style recreation order, It means your custom style recreation dress would be 70-90% similar to the original pictures and I will inform you about this prior to receive your order. The difference mostly comes from the material and fabric types.

- I use good quality fabric and material on my dresses. But I don't use real silk or valuable stones (such as swarovski stones). Otherwise my prices would come much higher.

- Your customization requests on my own dresses would cost additional. I will inform you all the additional cost (if any) prior to receive your order.

- After I accepted and received your customized/recreation order, I will check all the details again during the process. If I had a question about any of your details or If I see some of your details don't work practically in real life then I will inform you with my suggestion.

- Customized orders or recreations take much longer time and effort than regular. Because I will need to read and study each detail, research for similar material or fabric and make custom patterns (If needed). Your order details will determine the cost.

- If you will go with my own styles as they are or you will customize my own styles or you will ask me to make your custom style/recreation dream dress, I ensure that you will LOVE your dress quality that will come with affordable price. ❤️


I accept PayPal. It's fast, easy and secure. 

Through PayPal, you can pay with your credit card, debit card, or bank account balance.
Once your order is submitted, you will be redirected to PayPal's site where you could make the payment.

You found Your Dream Wedding Dress, Bolero or Veil but Your Wedding Budget is not yet available to place your order?
LaceMarry Atelier gives you option to pay for your order in payment plan which means a relief to your Wedding Budget.
Comfortable Budget means Stress Free Wedding Planning and I am ready to support My Brides with all I can.

Please Contact for more details.


I ship My Dresses Worldwide.

Yes you can.
I will provide you an online tracking number for your package.

Standard Shipping Fee may vary by country. You can use Shipping Cost Calculator in your Shopping Cart to see exact costs for your country.

Express Shipping is 40 USD and you can upgrade  it from your shopping cart.

Please Note:
Multiple pieces Orders or Bulk Orders may require Standard Shipping Fee.
It's calculated as to be 15 USD for each Piece.

Depending on Your Country, Standard Shipping takes around up to 3 weeks and I will also provide a Tracking Number.

You are also able to upgrade to Express.
Then I will use Express DHL, UPS, TNT or similar Fast other couriers.
It usually takes 5-7 Business days to US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

You can any moment contact me to upgrade your existing order to Express Shipping and I will gladly assist you for how you can do that.


Taking your Custom Measurements is very simple process.
You should just follow easy steps of my Instructions Here.

You can get your measurements at home. But please ask help of someone and follow my instructions. If possible, you may also go to a professional tailor for assistance.

This is optional and depending on the Style.
When you receive your dress and try it on if you feel that you still need more support or coverage, then you can wear invisible type bra or other kind.

I will strictly follow your measurements you sent me.
If they are taken correctly with help of someone and according to My Instructions then your dress will fit you well.

But Due to Nature of Custom Orders, when you receive your dress you may need minor alterations. 
I suggest you to plan for some alterations with help of a local tailor. 
I will also leave some room inside to be able to easy take in or out.

If you are on a diet, you can still place your order and LOCK the price.
So you enjoy the discount and also secure your Space in my Production Calendar.
Your details and Custom measurements can be cleared up later when you have reached your targeted measurements. ;)


You can send me your realistically targeted measurements and I make your dress in those measurements. This would be also a HUGE motivation for your diet process.:)
I can leave some room in your dress and If need, you can alter it in a local tailor anyway.
But after you give me your measurements and once I cut the fabric for your dress, I cannot accept an update on measurements. Please understand.


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