Caring for Your Dress

Caring For Your Dress



However I pack your dress nicely, due to shipping process your dress can be naturally little wrinkled/crumpled.  
After you receive your dress you will need to Iron it. I recommend  you to ask for help of the professional
laundry/tailor. If you decide to iron your dress yourself, please use only STEAM iron and keep it at least
5 cm away of the dress during this process and use low or middle temperature mode.




If you need to wash your dress, I recommend you to do it in professional laundry/dry cleaner.
Never wash your dress in high temperature but wash it in low temperature mode only!
After your wedding/event, if you professionally clean and iron your dress and keep it in a box or cover
with a few traditional tips then you can keep it safe for long long time.



Please feel free to contact me at for any of your questions.


With Love,
Mary Jin Mei