Violette Splendid Handmade Rhinestone and Sequin Flower Beadwork Satin Sash to Tie on the Back - Vintage Inspired Bridal Beaded Sash

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Violette Splendid Handmade Rhinestone and Sequin Flower Beadwork Satin Sash to Tie on the Back - Vintage Inspired Bridal Beaded Sash

Violette is a hand beaded satin bridal sash with glistering diamantés and sparkly sequins which create a lovely floral pattern.
It’s so elegant and fashionable...
It will complete your image and will make you look so special and chic on your Big Day...
You will look unforgettable... :)
And I can make your sash in another color satin to make it more special.


Any customization is welcomed.

Please contact me at


Please click here to see my Satin color book for the sash.

Measurements (in or cm):


The width of the crystal embellishment is 1.5 inches
I have three options for crystal embellishment length:

- 25 inches long crystal embellishment
- 35 inches long crystal embellishment
- 45 inches long crystal embellishment

Satin sash is around 110 - 120 inches long and 2.5 inches wide.


DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, USPS are the methods what I ship my dresses.
Very fast and very safe.
If your location is USA, UK, Canada or Australia, then it usually takes 3-5 days.

Thank you very much.

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How to Measure
How to Measure

My Dear Brides!

All of my Professional Effort and Care is to make Your Dress fit You well and the most important part of providing this is taking the most accurate measurements. That's why, It's very IMPORTANT for me if you follow my measurement instructions below.

❤❤❤ I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to get your measurements with help of a PROFESSIONAL TAILOR and ACCORDING TO MY INSTRUCTIONS for correct results of the measurements to avoid any mistakes ❤❤❤

Tailors may have different measurement instructions which might not match with my instructions, that's why it's important if Your Tailor read my instructions carefully.



Custom Measurements


❤ Due to nature of custom orders, when you receive your dress you may need some alterations.
I suggest you to plan for alterations with help of a local tailor and YOUR BUDGET ACCORDINGLY.

❤ If you have specific body shape features then please inform me about that and I might ask you additional measurements which are not included in my instructions.

❤ I leave some room inside in my dresses.

❤ I may require additional fee, if the measurements are in my Plus Size Range.
You can contact me before you place your order and we can talk about this.




Standard Sizes 

LaceMarry Size Chart in CM and IN



Please contact me Here for your questions.

I will assist you to get the most accurate results.


Thank you for visiting my website!



With Love,
Mary Jin Mei

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